• Finance Restructuring
    Restructuring of one or more companies in all finance related activities
  • Finance Transformation
    Assure that all necessary laws, instructions, advises will be implemented in the daily work processes
  • Global Finance Systems Strategy
    Reorganize the used systems and develop new system strategies and assure a proper value flow within the company(ies)
  • Business Process Improvement
    Help to improve all work processes that are in use for to reduce work time to it’s minimum
  • M&A Integration
    Consultancy from a finance perspective through the whole M&A-process
  • Joint Venture Stand Up
    Financial analysis consultancy before or during a joint venture
  • Finance Systems Selection
    Finding the right system for the companies needs
  • Systems Integration
    Integrational consultancy during the system integration process
  • BI Tool Selection/Deployment
    Consultancy through the search for the right BI Tool including the set up of it